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.223/5.56 Fully Processed Once Fired Brass
.223/5.56 Fully Processed Once Fired Brass

.223/5.56 Fully Processed Once Fired Brass

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This is fully processed and ready to load once fired .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO brass. Headstamps are mixed. Our fully processed once fired .223 / 5.56 brass meets SAAMI specs after going through our process. We begin with once fired brass, which is cleaned and sorted before processing to ensure no defective cases are allowed. Our brass is processed using Camdex equipment. Which in addition to sizing also pressure checks the cases for cracks, then checks the primer pocket for ringers and correct swage. Our detailed process for creating the best brass available is as follows:

Brass is cleaned in stainless media.
Brass is sorted and damaged cases are discarded.
Cases are lubed and processed on Camdex equipment for consistency:

  • Full Length Sized
  • Trimmed to an overall length of 1.748" (+/- 0.004")
  • Mouth expanded using a floating mandrel to minimize runout
  • Deprimed
  • Primer pocket swaged
  • Primer Pocket Checked for Ringer and Proper Swage
  • Each case is then cleaned in ceramic media to remove lubrication and clean
  • Brass is dried in Corn Cob Dryer with polishing compound for shine
  • Cases are spot gauged to verify they meet SAAMI specifications

Don't settle for less. We take the extra steps necessary to ensure quality. All orders will contain a handful of extra cases, in case a damaged case slips through our quality control process.

**We include extra cases to make up for any dings or dents that get through our QC process. Inspect your brass before loading.**

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