1. 380 Auto Jagemann Brass - New
380 Auto Jagemann Brass - New
380 Auto Jagemann Brass - New

380 Auto Jagemann Brass - New

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The .380 Auto is a popular self-defense caliber, making it the ideal choice for conceal and carry applications, as well as a backup caliber for law enforcement. With today’s modern bullet technology and performance, the Jagemann™ .380 Auto casing is a popular choice and is used with numerous new firearms on the market.

Drawn from premium American-made brass cups, these casing are rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled durability and dependability, each casing undergoes rigorous in-line and post- production quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless casing.

Standard casing dimensions and tolerances have been modified to achieve maximum performance. Jagemann™ Sporting Group’s in-house tooling and engineering capabilities provide the ability to customize casing dimensions for use with specific projectiles. We can meet your needs.

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Type: Pistol
Date of Origin: 1908 United States
Case Type: Rimless, Straight
Neck Diameter: .373 in (9.5 mm)
Base Diameter: .374 in (9.5 mm)
Rim Diameter: .374 in (9.5 mm)
Rim Thickness: .045 in (1.1 mm)
Case Length: .680 in (17.33 mm)
Primer Type: Small Pistol
Max Pressure: 21,500 psi