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ATA G19 Badger Slide with RMR Cut
ATA G19 Badger Slide with RMR Cut

ATA G19 Badger Slide with RMR Cut

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The American Tactical Arms G19 Badger slide is CNC machined from American 416R Stainless Steel. The slides are made to extremely specific tolerances, ensuring proper fit and function of your Glock 19 gen 3 or Polymer 80 build. The Badger allows for consistent barrel lockup to enhance accuracy, while the window cuts lighten the slide, aiding in less felt recoil. This allows for faster follow up shots and enhanced performance. The large top window is also compatible with ported barrels. 

A high performing slide is meaningless if the user cannot properly handle and maneuver it in a stressful environment. That is why we added angled side serrations. This allows for maximum grip, ensuring the user can manipulate the slide with ease, regardless of grip location preference.  


  • Compatible with Gen 1-3 Glock 19 parts.
  • Lower ejection port to assist in ejection of casing
  • Optic Cut compatible with RMR footprint optics (Holosun 507, Trijicon RMR, Swampfox Liberty etc)
  • Cover plate for optic cut included
  • Match grade, tight tolerances that are more specific than factory grade
  • Light weight, improves accuracy and performance
  • Front and rear side serrations for maximum grip and slide manipulation
  • H-series cerakote for increased durability and corrosive resistance
  • Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty

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