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Aspis G Lens Protector
Aspis G Lens Protector

Aspis G Lens Protector

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The Aspis shield by Lion's Gear Solutions is a tough lens shield designed for the Sionyx Aurora line of Night Vision Cameras. The Aspis is made of tough PETG resin and fitted with camera grade 4mm Plexiglas to provide solid lens protection without degrading clarity. The Aspis features adjustment ridges to allow focus ring adjustment even when wearing gloves. The double notch aligned with the focus marks allow for indexing of the camera adjustments without needing to look at the camera, perfect for head mounted setups or adjusting in the dark. 


  • PETG 3D printed construction
  • 4mm Camera Grade Plexiglas Lens
  • Tactile Indexing Ridges
  • Easy Slide-On installation

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