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Brownells Glock Slides

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The Brownells Front Cut Slides for Glock® pistols allows any operator to build a custom Glock® style pistol from the ground up with a slide already customized with front slide serrations.

The Front Cut Slides feature a unique wraparound slide serration design that aids in weapon manipulation, especially when checking the chamber. Serrations are cut to the same depth as Glock® factory models to ensure lower slide rigidity. Models are also available with top window cutout between the front serrations.  

Slides start out as 17-4 stainless steel billet and are machined internally to factory specifications.  Slides are compatible with any standard Glock® 17 or 19 components.  The factory Glock® rear sight dovetail is machined, with a standard Glock® front sight cut at the front.

  • Heat treated to 41-44 on the Rockwell C scale
  • Finished with a matte black nitride finish
  • Factory internal dimensions
  • Available for Glock® 17 or 19 pistols
  • Available with a top window cutout at the front
  • Factory Glock® sight cuts
  • For Gen3 pistols
  • Optional Pre-cut Trijicon RMR mounting slot

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