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FAST Night Vision Package
FAST Night Vision Package

FAST Night Vision Package

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This Package deal is designed to help you get your Digital Night Vision up and running and save money in the process. This package includes everything you need to mount an Aurora NV Camera to your helmet dovetail arm or other dovetail compatible mount.

Package Includes

  • Aurora Sport Night Vision Camera
  • Lion's Gear FAST Bridge Mount
  • Aspis Objective Lens Protector
  • Crash Hat Optic Lens Protector and Eye Cup Adapter (Choice of clear or amber Plexiglas, Eye Cups not included)
The Aurora Mounts to the FAST mount (Fast mount can handle 2 Aurora Cameras for Binocular Setups). The FAST mount has a dovetail adapter for quick connection to dovetail compatible helmet mounts. The Lens protectors ensure that both lenses do not become scratched during use. The Crash Hat also allows for mounting of an eye cup if desired (eye cup not included). 

What else do I need to finish a head mounted setup?

You will need a helmet or skull crusher. For low cost solutions we recommend the Crye Precision Night Cap. 

You will also need a Mount shroud for attachment to the helmet or head mount and a Dovetail compatible mounting arm. For mounting arm and shroud we recommend a Wilcox or Norotos setup. Wilcox L4G24 or Norotos AKA2 mounts are recommended. These can be found frequently used on eBay. 

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