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Geissele 13" Spr Md Rl Mk13 Mlok Blk

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Geissele's Automatics Super Modular MK13 M-Lok AR-15 13" Free Float Hand Guard" is the latest entry to the Geissele line up of Super Modular Rails The new handguard design offers a smaller diameter and overall height to create a slimmer package. Included with the MK13 Super Modular Rail is an updated version of the proven Geissele Barrel Nut design" not only providing ease of installation but superior rigidity. The long surface contact of the 2.25" barrel nut interfaces with the receiver creating a platform that can be trusted to be straight and true the entire length of the free float rail. The MK13 is precision machined using 6061-T6 aluminum due to its strength" rigidity and lightweight properties. Utilizing Magpul's M-LOK technology in the 3" 6" and 9 o'clock positions and machined-in Picatinny rails at the end allow the end user to customize their rifle and securely mount lights" bipods and other firearm accessories. The Geissele MK13 Super Modular rail is finished in a durable and long lasting Type 3 Anodized Hardcoat available in either Black or Geissele's DDC finish. This product is bundled with a low-profile Geissele Super Gas Block and an installation wrench; making the SMR MK13 a comfortable" rigid" value packed and high quality rail system developed for AR15 pattern rifles.

Features :
  • Super Modular Rail AR-15 Free Float Hand Guard
  • MK13 with Magpul M-LOK attachment system
  • "13" Super Modular Rail"
  • "Lightweight" Strong and Rigid"

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