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Polymer80 Glock 17 PF940V2 Brownells Completion Kit 9mm
Polymer80 Glock 17 PF940V2 Brownells Completion Kit 9mm

Polymer80 Glock 17 PF940V2 Brownells Completion Kit 9mm

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Completion kits may not be ordered with Polymer80 Frames. Any order containing both a completion kit and a frame will be cancelled.
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Polymer 80 Standard Completion Kit (Glock 17 Size)

This complete build kit includes everything you need to complete your Gen 3 Glock or Polymer 80 Frame except the magazine. 

Kit Contents and Overview

Kit Contents:

  • Frame Parts Kit
  • Glock 17 Brownells Slide (Optional RMR Cut)
  • Rockey Precision Slide Parts Kit
  • Rockey Brass DLC Barrel
  • Your Choice of Sights

Frame Parts Kit:

The frame parts kit contains the internal parts needed to complete the frame. 
  • Connector
  • Slide Stop Lever with Spring
  • Locking Block Pin
  • Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock
  • Slide Lock Spring
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger with Trigger Bar


The Brownells Front Cut Slides for Glock® pistols allows any operator to build a custom Glock® style pistol from the ground up with a slide already customized with front slide serrations.

The Front Cut Slides feature a unique wraparound slide serration design that aids in weapon manipulation, especially when checking the chamber. Serrations are cut to the same depth as Glock® factory models to ensure lower slide rigidity. Models are also available with top window cutout between the front serrations.  

Slides start out as 17-4 stainless steel billet and are machined internally to factory specifications.  Slides are compatible with any standard Gen 3 Glock® 17, 19 or 26 components.  The factory Glock® rear sight dovetail is machined, with a standard Glock® front sight cut at the front.

  • Heat treated to 41-44 on the Rockwell C scale
  • Finished with a matte black nitride finish
  • Factory internal dimensions
  • Available with a top window cutout at the front
  • Factory Glock® sight cuts
  • For Gen3 pistols
  • Pre-cut Trijicon RMR mounting slot, plus factory front/rear sight cuts
  • Will also fit the Swampfox Liberty, Holosun HE508T, HS507C, & HS407C

Slide Parts Kit:

Rockey Precision slide completion kit featuring Made in the USA parts to fit Glock pistols. Complete your slide components with these high-quality gun parts, perfect for a Glock upgrade or for completing your Polymer80 build.

Compatible with Glock Gen 1-3 9mm slides including: G19, G17, G34, G26

Rockey Slide Completion Kit includes:

  • Firing pin
  • Extractor
  • Firing Pin Spring
  • Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
  • 2 Spring Cups
  • Extractor depressor plunger assembly
  • Cover Plate
  • Firing pin safety
  • Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • Channel Liner
  • Recoil Spring and Guide Rod


This is a drop in replacement Glock 17 Barrel in 9mm. This barrel features standard rifling and quality craftsmanship, making it perfect for drop in replacement of your stock Glock barrel or for your Polymer 80 build. The barrel is made from 416R Stainless Steel excellent durability and hardened with a DLC Finish. These Barrels are manufactured for Rockey Brass by a quality US manufacturer and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Made in the USA
  • Glock 17 Gen 1-4 compatible
  • 416R Steel
  • 1:10 Twist Conventional Rifling for compatibility with cast bullets
  • SAAMI Spec 9mm Chamber
  • DLC Finish

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