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Sionyx Aurora Sport Night Vision Device
Sionyx Aurora Sport Night Vision Device

Sionyx Aurora Sport Night Vision Device

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Aurora Sport: Water-Resistant Day/Night Camera 

SiOnyx Aurora Sport, the newest addition to the Aurora lineup. Enhance your nighttime awareness with true color night vision. Included with our patented Ultra Low-Light IR sensor technology that not only captures images under low-light conditions but gives you true night vision capability in monochrome or in color.  Your newest nighttime companion, Aurora Sport.

We at Rockey Brass have tested the Aurora Sport in varying light and weather conditions. This is the first viable digital night vision device that delivers performance comparable to Gen 3 analogue night vision. The only lacking area is in extremely low to no light situations in which even Gen 3 night vision tubes struggle. When paired with a good IR illuminator these cameras perform as well as traditional NV.  These function well down to quarter moonlight conditions and in most areas ambient light from distant city lights is sufficient. We are comfortable stating that these perform at 85% of the current consumer available Gen 3 night vision devices with the added bonus of having an image in color. All at a price that is literally a small fraction of what you would pay for traditional NV devices. 

These Aurora Cameras are water resistant and can handle rugged use. See our accessories here for mounting solutions and accessories. 


  • Standalone, recreational IR night vision camera
  • Daytime, Twilight, and Night modes
  • Capture video and stills in near dark, moonless, and starlight conditions
  • 1" type CMOS sensor with large pixels for low-light imaging
  • 720p video and 0.9MP still photos
  • An adjustable iris switches between f/5.6, f/2.0, and f/1.4 depending on available light
  • OLED EVF with diopter
  • View, control, and share using the Aurora app and your iOS/Android smartphone
  • Selectable frame rates of 7.5, 15, 24, 30, and 60 fps
  • Time-lapse, image stabilization, digital zoom, and shutter functions
  • Focus peaking function and manual focus ring
  • EVF with color and monochrome settings, adjustable diopter
  • Shoot up to two hours on a single charge of the included battery


Aurora color night vision camera
1 Aurora battery
USB charge/data cable

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